Lori Hendrickson hosts her Infant & Prenatal Craniosacral Class ONLINE via recorded video for you to view at your convenience.** 

Upon registration, you will receive online registration information, online resources (i.e. handouts and access to the workshop video (5+hours)), discussions, certificates of completion and more. 

In this workshop, you will be introduced to bodywork techniques used by Lori on infants that address plageocephaly, torticollis, acid reflux, inability to form a good latch while breastfeeding, tongue, lip and buccal tie restrictions and amyriad of other pathologies. In pregnancy, her focus has been on the asymmetry of the pelvic girdle which can lead tosciatic, piriformis, Psoas, and sacrum discomfort. You will learn a series of connective tissue and fasciae stretches that significantly facilitate craniosacral therapy protocols. Lori's workshops are very interactive and collaborative. She encourages students to ask questions and to share case histories throughout the afternoon. We all learn so much more this way!

- Have a medium to large sized soft-bodied baby doll to practice with while watching to grasp the kinesthetic portion of the class.

We do not offer CEUs for this workshop.

**Please note, the registration fee is non-refundable as you gain instant access to our online content.


About Lori 
Lori was trained in CST in 1999-2001 and has been practicing in Minnesota and Wisconsin since that time.  Currently, Lori treats patients out of her home in Princeton, Minnesota and also shares her knowledge and experience with Chiropractors and other healthcare professionals through live workshops nationwide.

In her practice, Lori works to keep parents independent of her care (as much as possible) by teaching them specific stretches to perform on their infants as well as other tips to improve nursing latches and digestive and sleeping issues. 

Since the early 2000's, we have seen a significant rise in plageocephaly, torticollis, acid reflux, nursing difficulties, digestive issues and overall restriction and hypertension in infants.  In recent years, infant oral ties have gained recognition as well.  Lori works with local IBCLC’s, midwives, occupational therapists, speech therapists, myofunctional therapists and oral release providers to help and support families that are dealing with feeding, sleeping and breathing issues in their infants.  Lori has followed the teachings of Dr. Ghaheri, Dr. Nora Zaghi, and Richard Baxter along with a myriad of other experts in these specialized fields.  Lori also has the privilege of teaching and networking with a broad spectrum of practitioners nationwide that work with babies and their families to secure the very best lifelong outcomes for infants that struggle with these challenges. The science in this area has plenty of room to progress!  In the meantime, Lori’s focus is to ensure that each mother/infant couple be served in a way that focuses on their unique and individual needs and goals using the knowledge and tools that are most currently practiced and advised at that time. 

Lori has five children of her own and six grandchildren. She and her husband Matt live in Princeton, Minnesota.

If you have any questions about this workshop, please contact Lori's Assistant, Hannah Day.


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